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Yūsuf, the governor, superior to withstand him, however the Guadalquivir was swollen with rains, and the two armies, on opposite banks, raced with one another who should first arrive at Cordova. At length Abd-er-Rahmān, by means of a deceitful stratagem, unworthy of a prince of romance, induced Yūsuf to let him cross the now falling river under pretext of peace; and once on the opposite side, he fell upon the unsuspecting enemy. He had the grace to exert himself to arrest the plundering passions ofhis troops, and to put the harīm or women-folk of the ex-governor in safety.

When the Almoravides first came visiting like a cloud of locusts to devour the country thus supplied to their urge for food, they discovered the way completely open. The mass of the people of Andalusia rejoiced to see as quickly as more a robust arm coming to repress the dysfunction which had destroyed their well-being ever since thedeath of the good Almanzor; the petty tyrants either had invited them or couldn't resist them, and have been, in any respect events, glad to see the Castilians efficiently repelled. The Almoravide king, Yūsuf, the son of Teshfīn, after appropriating Algeciras, as a harbour and necessary foundation of operations, marched unopposed via the provinces, and met Alfonso at Zallāka, or, as the Spaniards name it, Sacralias, near Badajoz, October 23, 1086.

An army despatched by Alfonso, underneath the well-known captain, Alvar Fañez, was defeated, and all the south lay on the feet of the Almoravides—save only Valencia, which no assault might carry as long as the Cid lived to direct the defence. In 1102, after the hero's death, Valencia succumbed, and now the entire of Mohammedan Spain, excluding Toledo, had turn into a province of the nice African empire of the Almoravides. While the capital was torn to items by savage bands of Slavs and Berbers, and was organising one khalif after another, various the household of Omeyya with that of Hammūd, or attempting the effect of a governing city council, the provinces had long thrown off all allegiance to the central State.

The hall by way of which entrance is now gained to the Alhambra crosses an angle of this ruined structure and admits the visitor to the Court of the Myrtles, so known as from the profusion of those shrubs which adorn its sides. A narrow passage ushers us into a court docket one hundred and forty ft long, and half as broad, flooded with sunlight and homosexual with gold-fish, which disport themselves in a protracted pond that fills the larger part of the area. Pillars and galleries adorn the perimeters and ends of the enclosure, and on the north the nice sq. tower of Comares rises against the horizon. Thecourt is a place of peace; the water scarcely makes a ripple as it gently oozes into the ample reservoir, and leaves it without a gurgle; the multitudinous goldfishes gleam and glitter in the profusion of sunshine; no suggestion of the outer world penetrates the stillness. They came to Spain hardy tough warriors, unused to ease or luxuries, delighting in feats of strength and prowess, crammed with a fierce however simple zeal for his or her religion.

The multiplicity of mutually hostile parties and factions made anything resembling a settled constitution inconceivable within the dominion of the Moors. In Cordova Almanzor was now supreme, for the young Khalif confirmed no symptoms of rebelling in opposition to the tutelage to which he was subjected, and the queen of the harīm, Aurora, was still the great minister's good friend. One man only could pretend to any kind of equality with Almanzor, and this was Ghālib, his father-in-law. The military admired Almanzor, and wondered at his daring in taking the command of campaigns in opposition to the Christians without military experience; but they liked and adored Ghālib, as a kind of the true warrior, bred to arms, and unconquerable in private prowess.

Again and again had the Sultan attacked him, and every time suffered defeat; สมัคร fifa55 now he was disposed to attempt the ignominious coverage of conciliation, solely to search out Ibn-Hafsūn fairly able to trick him at that. Murcia, the "land of Theodemir," was unbiased under a gentle and cultivated renegade prince, who ruled his subjects properly, and was beloved by them; who was dedicated to poetry, however didn't neglect to maintain up a considerable army, which included five thousand horsemen. Toledo was, as ordinary, in revolt, and nothing but the jealousies and divisions of the Christians of the north prevented them from reconquering their long misplaced territory.

He took the old faith of the Hebrews, which had its disciples in Arabia, and, making such additions and alterations as he thought needful, he preached the worship of One God as a new revelation to a nation of idolaters. It is difficult for us within the present time to understand the irresistible impulse which the simple and unemotional creed of Mohammed gave to the whole folks of Arabia; however we know that such religious revolutionshave been, and that there is all the time a mysterious and potent fascination within the private affect of a real prophet. Mohammed was so far true, that he taught actually and strenuously what he believed to be the one proper religion, and there was sufficient of sublimity in the creed and of enthusiasm within the Prophet and his hearers to supply that wave of overmastering well-liked feeling which individuals name fanaticism. The Arabs before the time of Mohammed had been a group of rival tribes or clans, excelling in the savage virtues of bravery, hospitality, and even chivalry, and dedicated to the pursuit of booty. The Prophet turned the Arab tribes, for the nonce, into the Moslem individuals, filled them with the keenness of martyrs, and added to the greed of plunder the nobler ambition of bringing all mankind to the information of the truth.

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